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Welcome to Al Haramin Mill, your gateway to nature’s finest herbs and spices. Crafted with care from Jordan’s lush landscapes, our products promise purity, flavor, and a journey to wellness.
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We pride ourselves on sourcing organically grown herbs, free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, ensuring that every product delivers natural and potent health benefits

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Discover the essence of Jordan with our featured herbs and spices. Perfect for culinary and health, each product is a treasure

Al Haramin Mill

Al Haramin Mill, rooted in Jordan’s heritage, offers premium herbs and spices to enhance your health and culinary experiences

Za’atar: A Culinary and Health Treasure

A cornerstone of Middle Eastern cuisine, Za’atar combines herbs, sesame, and sumac. Beyond its vibrant flavor, it supports digestion, boosts immunity, and enhances mental clarity.
Relief of pain

Relief of pain

Za'atar's blend, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, offers natural pain relief. Ideal for soothing aches, it's a testament to herbal healing

Fight cancer

Fight cancer

Za'atar, with antioxidants, may help reduce cancer risk. Its nutrients fight cell damage, promoting health



Za'atar's uplifting effect on mood may alleviate symptoms of depression, offering a sprinkle of hope and flavor

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